Our company NAZHAN FOOD in DOMESTIC AND FOREIGN LTD was founded in 1997 and in 2000 began producing the ATAHAN confectionery brand of traditional and special sweets. 500 m² production area, our company started operations in 2007, the company and the production area to meet the increasing demands and customer satisfaction has brought to 1500 m². Production technology thoroughly renewing natural gas, steam cooking technology was introduced. Delight and cezeryesi nickel chrome cooking boilers, while the sugar project jointly prepared by TUBITAK and Selçuk University continues to operate under vacuum cooking spray. Our company began producing in 2010 to outsource the production of herbal drops. Crop spraying drops by cooking under vacuum harder, glass, long shelf life, is produced by a system that protects the more characteristic of vegetable oils. Our company began production in 2014 with MAXİDROPS brand. Our production engineers by our ISO 22000-2005 (Food Safety Management) and ISO 9001-2008 (Quality Management) criteria are maintained according to the standard registration. Our goal is to make continuous improvements in production and innovation activities to ensure customer satisfaction is not only a growth-oriented.

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